Frequently ask questions

1. What is the location of Tonga?

Tonga is located in the South Pacific Ocean, west of International Dateline. As one of the first countries to see the sunrise in the globe, Tonga consisits of three main island groups, Tongatapu, Ha'apai and Vava'u. 

2. What's the climate in Tonga?

The climate is tropical with a distinct warm period (December-April), during which the temperatures rise above 32 °C, and a cooler period (May-November), with temperatures rarely rising above 27 °C

3. When is the best time for visiting Tonga?

You can visit Tonga any time of the year. If you prefer to watch whales in Tonga, July to October every year will be the optimum time.

Tonga is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to have the unique experience of swimming with the world's largest mammal,humpback whales. These whales come to the Vava'u Island Group each year from July to October. The whales leave the open ocean to give birth to their calves in the warm and protected tranquil waters of Vava'u.

4. What else advice for travelling to Tonga?

You are always recommended to purchase adaquate travel insurance when travelling overseas. 

Remember to bring sandales, swimming suites, sun protect lotion along with you. The electricity in Tonga is 240V, 50HZ and the plug is Type I, which is the same as New Zealand, Australia and China. 

Tipping is not compulsory, but will be highly recommended if you are happy with the service. 

5. How do we know your qualification?

We are a registered travel agent in Tonga and we are IATA accredited. Please download our business license and Certificate of Accreditation here

6. What's the average cost for travelling to Tonga?

It depends. 

You may choose from the most ecnomic way or most comfortable way. Your budget will be the main concern. 

7. How can I know the price of your products?

In order to obtain price from us, you will need to contact our sales team. 

We have different prices for individual traveller and group travellers. 

8. How soon shall I expect the quote from you?

We appreciate the opportunity for potential business with you.

As a result, we try our best to accomodate the requests from our customers within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response from us within 24 hours, please resend your email to us to follow up. 

9. How to make booking with you?

In order to make booking for you, we prefer the booking can be made 4 weeks prior to the arrival of the customer(s). 

We will issue a quote (invoice) to you upon your request. 

Booking can only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment of the quote we send. 

10. How soon will the booking be confirmed after we send the money?

We will start to secure the booking once we receive the Bank Wire scanned copy. But the final confirmation will only be available after the money is posted in our bank account. 

It takes 2 to 3 working days for international Bank Wire to arrive into our account, then we are looking at get the booking confirmed in 4 to 5 working days. 

11. What if you are unable to secure the booking after we send the money?

We try our best to secure the booking per your request. At the same time, it might happen that it's not available when we finally make the booking for you. If this does happen, we will refund you full amount of that product after deduction of bank fees. 

12. What's your payment policy?

If you accept our quote, all payment has to be made in full to secure the booking. 

13. What's your child policy?

Every adult will be able to carry one infant below 2 or one child between 2 to 12. 

It will be free of charge if infant is accompanied by adult. 

The price for the first child, all the products will be 75% of the adult price. 

If an adult is carrying more than one infants or children, adult price will apply to the second and the rest of the infants and children. 

Please notify us when making the booking about the infant or child. 

14. How do we pay you?

Credit cards, bank wire and Western Union are all accepted by us and we prefer Bank Wire. 

All the payment has to be paid to Easy Travel Ltd. Any payment made to any individual or other organisation shall be considered null and void.

 Cancellation Policy
15. What's your cancellation policy?

All the cancellation has to be submitted in writing.

Within 7 days prior to arrival, no refund.

7 days to 15 days prior to arrival, 50% refund after deduction of bank fees

15 days to 30 days prior to arrival, 80% refund after deduction of bank fees

30 days prior to arrival, full refund after deduction of bank fees